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Everyone's amazing artwork! :D


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Serenity Rose
Artist | Professional | Varied
Welcome to my profile page (And Deviant Art if you're new here.) Feel free to look around and I hope that you enjoy what you see. ^_^

If you'd like to see a general process on how my drawings develop as I draw them, you can visit my Tumblr:

or my Instagram to see some upcoming drawings and other artsy type things... And some random things!:


Love Blooms
 I've been working on this for a while now actually.... Once I had finished the whole thing I realized that because I had coloured the whole background in with charcoal I wouldn't be able to do all of the roses and vines and leaves you see going around the artwork. So I did it on a seperet sheet of paper and then cut it all out and pasted the pieces in place around the picture! And pasted all of that on top of an even bigger piece of paper in order to hold them all together.
 Now if you'll excuse me, I have to vacuum up all of the little pieces of paper I got everywhere as a result of all of the cutting....

To see the progression of how my drawings look as they're being worked on, You can visit my Tumblr. I post the progression of most of my drawings on there. Plus I share a few other things that I find on there too!
Who is the one who won't listen?
It is the stubborn who won't listen,
Those who you try to teach,
Or try to save,
Do they really want to be saved?
Hard to say,
Hard to tell,
There they stay in their self imposed shell.
Will they come out?
Will they see?
That everyone isn't as evil or awful as the world wants them to be?..
People can change,
Yes It's true,
Now isn't that what you want to do?
I've tried and I've tried to help you,
But eventually, We all have to learn to fly...
Pinkie Pie
Here, have a Pinkie! ^_^
Next 'My Little Pony' Character will be Twilight Sparkle. Before she reached her princess days. 
Peace Between Two Kinds
*This is not a shipping picture I swear. They're shaking hands...*
Okay, so this was done for an art challenge, (NEW CHARACTER ART CHALLENGE!)
And I thought it'd be fun to do it! :D (Big Grin) 
The idea behind this artwork is that eventually there becomes a peace between the dragon and pony races. To commemorate this event, a stained glass window was designed for it. Princess Ember, now being The Dragon Lord, would most likely be seen as the main one initiating it. Though spike would certainly be a big help as well. This is just depicting another possible event in Equestria's history!
 I wake up the next morning to the birds chirping, my favorite song playing on the radio, and one of the most delicious drinks I have ever tried; coffee soda! If you've never had it, have some! It's good.
  My lovely morning is ruined by a call on the phone.
  No answer.
  Still no answer.
  "Okay..." I'm about to hang up when I swear I could have heard, chuckling?...
  Ooookay then... It was probably a failed prank call. But now I'm on edge, remembering the other two, what I supposed they were, prank calls I had received that same month. This is three times too many...
'If You Touch Them, You'll Disappear Ch. 3'
A strange encounter with an entity known as "Fear".

Coffee soda, as mentioned in the story above, is delicious! That was mainly me speaking. Not the story. If you love coffee and you've never had coffee soda, try it! It's good.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Has anyone else ever looked through the old stories they've written when they were younger and wondered,
 "What is this jumble of a mess I've written?"
  One of my best friends came over today saying that they need help with a problem yet again...
Don't get me wrong! I'm happy to help! But do you hang out with me only for me to fix your problems, or out of genuine friendship? They only ever come over when they have some sort of an issue, and then they dismiss mine as "not as important" whenever I try to bring mine up as well.
  Oh great, not this again... I think to myself.
  "I'm just not sure what to tell them..." My friend says.
  "How about the truth? You wouldn't be in this mess if you didn't lie!"
  "But then they'll hate me!"
  "But they'll end up respecting you more for being able to tell the truth."
  My friend just stares off into the distance. Hopefully thinking about what I said... Later, they leave with some treats I'd given them to eat on the way home.
I do hope things turn out well for them...


There's this sort of story surrounding this person who lives in my community. They say this person is depressing and sickly to look at. And one of the weird things is, no one can seem to decide on what gender they are. Some say "it's male". Others, "Female!" Whatever their gender, that's not the weirdest thing about them. No, the weirdest thing is, everyone who gets close to them, goes missing.
  Now I'm not one to believe in gossip or anything, but still, A Person I vaguely remember from kindergarten got well acquainted with them and no ones seen them for months...
  There is a warning going around not to fall prey to them. That it could happen to anyone. Including me.
Me? Ha! I've never even seen them. I'm pretty sure I'd know if I had... No way it could happen to me...
  Besides, I don't get out much.

Four Sided Fishtail Braid
Another possible hairstyle for, one of the main characters this time, in the "Discordence" audio drama. Being created by LovingLifeInDisarray on her second page DisarrianStories here on Deviant Art. This hairstyle comes from cute girls hairstyles on YouTube.
Okay I have to share this story I read today because it is just brilliant. It highlights the difference between what knowledge is and what wisdom is.

AS THE story goes, a boy who lived in a remote village was poor. Thinking he was mentally slow, the townspeople laughed at him. When visitors came, some of the villagers made fun of him in front of their friends. They would hold out two coins, a large silver one and a small gold one that was worth twice as much as the silver coin. “Choose which one you want,” they would say. The boy would choose the silver coin and run away.
One day, a visitor asked the boy, “Don’t you know that the gold coin is twice as valuable as the silver one?” The little boy smiled and said, “Yes, I know.” “Then why do you take the silver coin?” the visitor asked. “If you take the gold one, you will have twice as much money!” “But,” said the boy, “if I take the gold coin, people will stop playing the game with me. Do you know how many silver coins I have collected?”


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